• Hannemie Stitz-Krämer
    CEO & President,

    "I strongly believe in professional networking, reliable and efficient cooperation as well as trustful partnerships around the world."

  • Pia Schiller
    Co owner, Vox PR & Information

    "We are member of 27&More because there is no better way to learn more and to give our clients a skilled network around the world."

  • Roberta Fuke
    Managing Director, Speed Communications

    „It has never been a better time
    to embrace the power of PR.“

  • Robert Bauer
    Managing Partner at asoluto public
    + interactive relations

    "PR will need to explain again what it is all about, what it is not and how clients can profit from PR."

  • Peter Freisner Johansen
    Senior Advisor, CEO & Partner,
    U communicate Aps

    "A driving topic for PR is to get companies to realise that it is consumer who define brands - perception is reality."

  • Monique Mehrez
    Associate Director,
    SELF IMAGE Relations Publics

    "The PR consultant should express his convictions to the client, to be a real PR advisor."

  • Keith Jackson
    Managing Director,
    Jackson PR Associates

    "Today, beeing a PR professional is more challenging than ever."

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